by Flavia Soares

Hello! Welcome, thank you for your visit! My name is Flavia, since I was young girl I've always loved to work on handcrafts. I used to embroider and sew things that I liked to wear. At the age of 10 I started helping my mother to embroider wedding dresses, after which my mother  encouraged to experiment and practice more. When I turned 17, my mother and I created our first brand of women's fashion with pieces made from fabric scraps and manual embroidery. At age 19, in my first year in fashion college year, I created the brand "Flavia Soares" and soon afterwards I ranked on the top 5 young talents in the most important fashion contest of my city (Recife-Pernambuco-Brazil). At the age of 21, love took me to Vienna-Austria, where in the first months a dear friend gave me a sewing machine with which I quickly started sewed again and after 1 year I decided to use my established brand "Flavia Soares" again, only, this time I created jewelry made with fabrics, threads and wire to shape the pieces. I participated in several Design outlets in Austria and Germany, until I had to make a pause to dedicated my time to the now enlarged family. After the second child, I felt that the time had come to continue doing things that I love so much so I went back to producing clothes for the little ones, and soon after, after much research and testing, I went back to producing new handcrafts using semi-precious stones and remnants of knits (from that dress that was too long, or those strips of fabric that are left over when you cut a suit to sew ... it is with these remnants that the pieces are made.)

Each piece is unique, and made with great care. I love every piece I produce and if I could I would have them all for me..but as I do not have such a long neck, and as many arms and ears for it, I'm happy to sell them to strong, sensitive women who like to be a little different. These pieces are made for you, who, like me, are women warriors who overcome barriers.

My parts are sold exclusively in my Online-shop or in design markets that are posted on my Facebook or Instagram pages. In case you are interested in purchasing a piece specially made for you, you can contact me by E-mail for custom orders.

Thanks again for the visit!